Matched Pair - Nude Rectangular Ribbon Microphones w/Stereo adaptor bar

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NUDE is offering their popular rectangles as matched pairs inc. of a Stereo Adaptor bar.  - The NUDE rectangles are a really distinctly toned microphone that shine recording horns, double bass, guitar cabs and metallic stringed things like resonators, banjos and mandolins - These mics have character in spades, they'll become the most interesting mics in your mic inventory. The stereo adaptor bar is a great match to these mics allowing you to precisely setup Blumlien, spaced and X/Y stereo recording configurations. It's built like a tank and will be a great addition to any studio. 

It'll pair nicely with all your existing mics and their suspension mounts/clips....A great mount for interesting guitar mic'ing arrays where you want to capture both ends of the instrument