251 Clone User Reviews

Tim McArtney - Recording and Mixing Engineer, Music Producer working from Hercules Street Studios, Studios 301, BMG Studios, Sony Music Studios

I love Nude Microphones. They are my first choice, and I always recommend them to both professionals — because of the sound and build — and to newcomers and hobbyists — because of the amazing price point. 

In this photo we're recording in the control room at Hercules Street Studios in Surry Hills. I've got 6 mics up and the Nude Microphones 251 Clone took the cake. That's Zane Banks with the glasses on — One of Australia's best guitarists and a Fender-endorsed artist — tracking his EP, with Julian Moss (Ian Moss's son) on BVs. It's just the most incredible clone I've heard, and it's highly versatile — not to mention the fantastic long lead it ships with.

Matt Davis - Mad Matt Sound Studios 

A comprehensive review of the NUDE 251 Clone

Dom Richmond
(head of studio) - Eiger Studios – Leeds UK

“New toy! We’ve treated ourselves to another Nude! Big fans of what they’re doing over at @nudemicrophones and their take on the Telefunken ELAM251 is pretty exceptional to say the least. This tube driven condenser delivers such a huge warm open sound that the original is so renowned for. It’s driven by their custom military grade Russian tube and will undoubtably become one of our go-to's for vocals as was the original that’s featured on countless albums across the years!”

Dr St John Marsden - MMG Brisbane

"The 251 is beautiful. It's like gently dipping vocals in aural honey."