NUDE 414 User Reviews

Albert Brown - Producer @ albertbrownmusic, Melbourne

"Best stuff Hugh, they’re lovely microphones with some really nice high mid-range response. Love them for overheads as seen"

Tim McArtney - Recording and Mixing Engineer, Music Producer working from Hercules Street Studios, Studios 301, BMG Studios, Sony Music Studios

"This clone found itself on a song today, and oh my…it really brought everything together.Nude Microphones are an Australian company who make what might be the closest recreations to classics, whilst being extremely cheap, that you’d think I’m telling you an apocryphal story! But it’s all true, this 414 recreation (with brass ring!), is an elegant workhorse. Today it was the centre piece of the drumkit."

Dr St John Marsden - MMG Brisbane

"They’re a big warm sound…but I decided that rather than try to describe them as warm or deep or clear or full. If anyone asks, I’ll say. They just sound ‘full of goodness’."