About us

NUDE Microphones epitomizes the fusion of affordability and high-quality audio, challenging the convention that premium sound is the preserve of high-end studios. Our brand is synonymous with transparent, true-to-source recording, capturing the essence of each performance with a fidelity that usually commands a high dollar premium. In a market crowded with must have magic bullet gear choices – NUDE stands on one simple premise – Low cost, Superb Sonic Quality Microphones – Get NUDE in Your Studio –  is not just a call to action — it's a promise that with NUDE, you're equipping your creative space with tools that strip back the barriers between your music and your audience. Our microphones don't just capture sound — They seize and distil the rawness and authenticity of live performance.

NUDE Microphones has close working relationships with several microphone manufacturers. They build microphones for us to our bespoke specifications. The manufacturers are Chinese and East European. We also have parts suppliers that we work closely with in Russia and China. NUDE’s value proposition is simple – Low Cost, Superb Sonic Quality Microphones. The advantage of buying NUDE microphones is that you are dealing direct with people who love microphones and are committed to offering exceptional microphones at an affordable price point. Our established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers have developed on the basis of their engineering practice, a shared joy of microphones and commitment to manufacturing quality assurance. We are not a faceless corporation, we have a conversation with most NUDE Microphone buyers and >80% of folks who buy a NUDE Microphone return to buy another!