About us

My name is Hugh Covill and I sell “NUDE” microphones. I work in pro audio but not recording per se these days. Most of my work now is in consulting, acoustic modelling and project management. This has meant that I do a fair amount of OS travelling. I started to meet folks on these trips that were manufacturers. Some of these folks were producing mics and I started collecting some of these offerings to add to my own collection. This has now burgeoned into a small cottage microphone business. NUDE Microphones are hand-picked and measured microphones that I have selected direct from the manufacturing lines of Chinese and East European manufacturing plants prior to branding. Many of the microphones I offer are branded and on-sold by a range of companies with a significant markup. The advantage of buying NUDE microphones is that you are dealing direct with someone who loves microphones and has a vested interest in offering the best that the low-cost manufacturing plants have to offer. I largely offer ribbon microphones but often stock a range of other boutique microphones including tube driven condensers and dynamics. There is great variance in lower cost microphones and purchasing NUDE microphones takes much of this manufacturing variance out of the purchasing equation. Correct ribbon tension and a well engineered & matched output transformer are key to a quality ribbon microphone. All my microphones are chosen to meet this criteria as well as exhibiting great build quality. I have established relationships with a range of suppliers now and choose them on the basis of their engineering practice and commitment to good manufacturing measures.