Rectangular Ribbon Microphones User Reviews

Tom Poulter, Recording Engineer

Hi Hugh, My name is Tom, and I'm an audio degree student at SAE Sydney currently in the final mix stages of my major work. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the results I got from using your rectangular ribbon on the double bass track of the jazz quintet I recorded. My goal was to track a bass sound reminiscent of the 1959 release of Kind of Blue By Miles Davis. Of course, without tracking to tape and using the same pre-amps of the era, the recordings do differ significantly. However, the openness and broad tonal characteristics of your microphone are the closest sounding to the mics that were reported to have been used at Columbia’s 30th Street Studios in 1959. Anyhow I intend to purchase a couple of your ribbons in the not too distant future, as I borrowed one from a local engineer for this project.

Bottom line? The rectangular ribbon is one of the most transparent and full sounding microphones I have ever heard.


Sean Ballenden, Producer – Triple Three Productions

Absolutely loving these new Ribbon mics. Sounding awesome on Guitars and Vocals. Very keen to get them over a Drumkit this week. Highly recommend these mics.


Ben TD, Recording engineer

I'm lucky enough to work out of a studio that uses two of the NUDE Rectangle Ribbons (up the back in this pic). I absolutely love these mics and use them way more often than I thought I would, considering the "big name" mics available. I'm about to purchase the NUDE Stereo Ribbon and cannot wait to utilise the Swiss Army mic. Thanks for existing Hugh.

Thai Quoc Nguyen‎, Recording engineer

I bought a pair of these Rectangular Ribbon Microphone from Hugh and they are AWESOME!!! The packaging/boxing of the mics was very nice too. All tech-notes/graphs were provided. I also got the mic bar for stereo placement.
Top buy! Thank you Hugh!!!” 

Desmondo Reid, Recording Engineer

I have been getting fantastic results from my Rectangular Ribbon Microphone I bought from NUDE. They've been brilliant on vocals, drums, horns & guitars.