C12 Clone User Reviews

NUDE C12 Clone 

Liam Quinn, Producer

Just picked up a nude mic C12 clone and did a shootout with my Manley reference. Extremely surprised with how well the C12 stood up against it. Super silky highs without harshness and rich warm mids. Very impressive.

Christian Ruiz, Producer

Picked up a C12 clone a few weeks ago and did a shootout against one of the most used mic's in the pop genre. It held up extremely well and blew my expectations out of the water! Such silky highs and super crisp! I'd recommend this mic to anyone looking for that perfect vocal mic.

Shaun Sandosham, Producer

 “Recently got a c12 clone! It's actually incredible! Used it on a vocalist for a jazz sextet and I was swept away! Cannot say good enough things about this mic!

Nick Russell, Engineer- Kings Closet

Picked up a NUDE C12 clone a month or so ago and so far I'm very impressed. I ran a vocal shoot out against my Mojave MA200 and the NUDE had all of the warmth and depth of the Mojave, but then had the versatility of a variable polar pattern. And for just over a 1/3 of the price!! Talk about bang for buck. I'll be purchasing a SF12 clone later this year. Thanks Hugh.

Brock Weston, Producer

Clients have been choosing it over far more exxy mics I own on vocals!

David Pendragon, Producer & Recording Engineer

Really good mix and I love where the vocal 'sits' in the band sound. This is the first listen I have had to this mic ( NUDE C12 ). The thing I find to be so very impressive is the ability of the microphone to remain smooth and silky while retaining the ability to 'cut ' through the mix. Very impressive. The aim of any C12 clone is the capture vocals with that creamy pure and rich top end at the same time as giving it sufficient 'bite' to never disappear into the mix. I have been fortunate to use an original AKG C12 at The Power Station in Connecticut. The NUDE C12 is not pretending to be an exact copy of that fantastic microphone. From this band's example however it certainly shows that the characteristics and the elements that made the AKG C12 one of the most desired microphones EVER are very well represented in the NUDE C12. Well done band, well done engineer and very well done NUDE!

Recorded & Mixed by Paul Chew Bakker



Dick Busser, Recording Engineer

Just wish to confirm that the Mic arrived this morning.Tested it out this arvo'. Ran it through an AEA TRP, tamed by an old Ted Fletcher Joe Meek VC3. Depending on settings the TRP can get a bit edgy (great for its main use with ribbons of course). This combination just amplifies further what a beautifully fine and civilised top end your C12 clones have. Some years ago I had been lucky to snaffle a fairly rare C800 (much sweeter 'sister' to the rather raucous C800G). The C800 is IMO the best sounding valve condenser I've ever heard; but the NUDE C12 clones are nowhere near as distant as the many thousands of $$$ difference might indicate. In fact they have their own unique and beautiful voice, and it's great to get a second one now. So, thanks Hugh.