NUDE 251 Clone

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This mic is our homage to the revered ELAM251. We think we've got pretty darn close. This large diaphragm tube driven condenser delivers a luscious, big warm open sound that the original is so renowned for.  Using our C12 Clone Power Supply increases the microphones versatility by providing nine polar pattern settings.

Driven by our custom military grade Russian 6072a dual triode tube, featuring an edge terminated 34mm dual diaphragm 6 micron mylar capsule and a dual-bobbin output transformer this microphone will become one of your go-to's for vocals as was the original microphone that has featured on literally countless albums across the years but also be routinely put into service for all manner acoustic instruments.

We believe we've struck the right balance of high quality parts, attention to engineering excellence and mirroring of the original microphones sonic fingerprint at the price point that NUDE has become synonymous with. We deliver - Low Cost, Superb Sonic Quality Microphones an we believe this is the finest microphone we've offered to date.

The Numbers:

  • Polar Pattern: variable – set on power supply – omni stepped through to fig – 8
  • Capsule: edge terminated 34mm dual diaphragm 6 micron mylar
  • Frequency Response: 17Hz - 22kHz +/- 3dB
  • Sensitivity: -32dBu Ref. 1v/pa
  • Output impedance:  200 Ohms  @ 1K (nominal) transformer isolated
  • Maximum SPL: >130dB @ .5% THD @1000Hz
  • ENL <15dBA
  • S/N 85dB ref. 1Pa
  • Output Connector: Male XLR 7 pin proprietary – connects to powers supply with XLR 3pin output

What you Get:

  • Ships in aluminum flight case with foam cutouts for all inclusions
  • Microphone presented in blond wood display case
  • Metal suspension mount
  • 10m 7pin XLR Cable (connects microphone to Power Supply Unit)
  • 1m IEC power lead
  • Power Supply Unit – this unit is where polar patterns are changed and audio from the mic is output as differentially balanced 3pin XLR