Blumlein Recording comparison: NUDE Swiss Army Microphone vs. Coles 4038
NUDE Stereo Blumlein Ribbon Microphone [cost $470] Side by side with a matched pair of Coles 4038’s Ribbon Microphones set up in Blumlein configuration [cost $3500+]

Now the price difference is $3k-ish…That’s a 600% difference…..Ask yourself, is the sound 600% better? In an audio gear world where you are bombarded with the latest and greatest “must have’s” and “mix magic bullets”, NUDE Microphones stands on a simple premise - Low Cost, Superb Sonic Quality Microphones.


NUDE Microphones - SOLO Piano Microphone comparison...Compares NUDE Microphones Matched pencils with AT4041 & the NUDE C12 Clone with a Wunder audio CM7S

NUDE Swiss Army Microphone - Two perfectly matched ribbon microphones mounted as close as is physically possible (one above the other) and each aimed 45 degrees from centre...Adjust the position & height to get the balance of source to room to ceiling reflections just right then just gentle rotate the mic – as demonstrated in this video – to adjust your stereo panorama. Highly mono-compatible – just fold down to mono with virtually no artefacts.


The NUDE Swiss Army Microphone in a drum O/H shootout with a pair of Coles 4038's and a pair of Neumann U87's. Now a pair of the Coles will set you back around $4000 AUD, A pair of the Neumann's will set you back $9400 AUD......The NUDE swiss Army Mic is just under $500 AUD....NUDE Microphones - Low Cost, Superb Quality Microphones

Nick Russell from Kings Closet Recording Studios reviews the NUDE Stereo Ribbon Microphone and the NUDE C12 Clone.

Adele - "Hello" (Cover by Stansbury) featuring vocal recording using the NUDE C12 Clone which is also featured in the video production.

Nick Russell from Kings Closet Recording Studios compares the NUDE Stereo Ribbon Microphone and two OPR ribbon mics

NUDE Drum O/H Comparison

NUDE Swiss Army Microphone & NUDE C12 Clone vs. Matched pair of Coles 4038's and Wunder Audio CM7S