Matched Pair of NUDE pencil condensers User Reviews

Mark Whitehouse Recording Engineer, ProCopy

Hi Hugh, this was the first gig I did with the Nude Mics. Chose to put them on the piano as had a very short set up time for the recording. Was very happy with the piano sound that I achieved with very minimal messing around. I've since used them as overheads on drums for a Jazz CD and for voices in a church for a requiem along with a stereo mic. Very happy with all the results in the various applications.

Azariah Felton - Composer/Producer

A few months ago I bought the SDC stereo pair, the rectangular ribbon, and the stereo ribbon mic. I've been blown away by all of them! I've been using the stereo ribbon for drum overheads and acoustic guitar almost exclusively, even when I have the option of using Neumann or DPA condensers. It's absolutely spot on if you want to get a more vintage sound, or take some of the really bright overtones out of your cymbals and make them gentler. The rectangular ribbon has been at home in front of my guitar cab for clean and crunchy tones, just an awesome warm sound for rhythm guitar. I've also used over my AKG 414 when I want a more vintage vocal sound, and to round out some mid-heavy voices. As for the SDC pair, don't be fooled by the price!!! These mics don't have the usual harsh high mids or rough top of the usual SDCs you'll get for the same price. I've used them as a Glyn Johns pair on drum-kit and didn't even need to use the kick or snare mics, as they did a great job of capturing all the frequencies. With careful placement, minimal mixing is required to get a really great result. These mics are unparalleled bang for your buck.

Simon Dobson - Producer

I recently bought a pair of the small diaphragm condenser mics and have been very impressed so far! I have used them for drum overheads, room mics (xy), acoustic guitar and grand piano and they have performed very well on each. They have a very smooth and detailed top end and for the price they are extremely difficult to beat... Plus they come with a stereo adaptor bar!!