NUDE Swiss Army Microphone & NUDE Bottle Microphone - MS/Blumlein Package Deal

A NUDE Swiss Army Microphone (Blumlein Stereo Ribbon) and a NUDE Bottle Microphone (Cardioid Condenser) PACKAGE. This package offers the ability to be able to record utilizing the two of the most luscious, rich, expansive stereo panorama techniques. Mid-Side & Blumlein.

The "Swiss Army Microphone" - Most versatile microphone you'll ever own! Comprised of two perfectly matched ribbon microphones mounted as close as is physically possible (one above the other) and each aimed 45 degrees from centre. This is what is termed a Blumlein stereo array microphone. It is phenomenal for close mic'ing of almost any source I've presented it with but particularly shines used as a drum overhead or for capturing an orchestra or ensemble and the associated room ambience. Perfectly suited to capturing horn sections and taming their bite. Close mic'ing a guitar will reveal a sense of movement and depth, you'll hear each hand. Perfect for string sections, capture the entire string section with a single mic and marvel at the luscious stereo panorama. It comes finely presented in an aluminium flight case containing the microphone in a heavily padded soft case, 5 metre (5pin) cable, passive split box to L/R 3pin xlr outs, a solid shock mount and a pop filter.

The NUDE Bottle is a pressure gradient cardioid condenser microphone that channels the sound of the great Neumann Bottle microphones. It’s extremely accurate with a high sensitivity making it versatile for a broad range of applications. It’s got a really warm present midrange with a neutral top and bottom end. It’s built like a tank and feels really heavy in the hand and sports a unique suspension mount system where the mic screws directly into the base of the mount providing a really robust support that is isolated from the mic stand. The microphone ships in an aluminium flight case that includes the Microphone with its own redwood display box and a pop-filter that secures around the microphones collar. 

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